Day 22 Lunch

Chop Chop Salad
Tomato, Roasted corn, carrots, sunflower seeds, jicama, blue cheese with Italian Dressing

Day 22 Lunch

Chop Chop Salad
Tomato, Roasted corn, carrots, sunflower seeds, jicama, blue cheese with Italian Dressing

Day 22 Breakfast

Breakfast Pizza with Pesto, Lean Ham, Artichoke, tomato and Parmesan with Fresh Fruit

I could eat this every day!!!

End of Week 3 results

I am down 12.2 and Dan is down 20.  

So far we have completed 3 weeks of the standard program and 1 cleanse week.  We had 1 week left on our plan but decided that it's going so well and the food is SO GOOD that we signed up for another 4 weeks with their buy 3 weeks get 1 week free deal! So we are covered through the whole month of October.

I went shopping with AJ for dresses.  We have a formal wedding to go to this weekend and I was down 2 dress sizes.  I have noticed that my pants are all getting baggy and not just "worn a couple of days loose"  but I need a belt right after they have been washed baggy.     :-)    

Gov. Dodge State Park

Dan and I drove out to Doddsville to go to Gov. Dodge State Park. It's a beautiful morning for a hike.  fall colors are just starting.  leaves are falling. fantastic.

Day 20 dinner

Veggie burgers with fried onions roasted red pepper sauce and broccoli.

Day 20 lunch

So embarrassing I didn't take a picture of today's lunch.  It was Jamaican jerk chicken over quinoa with cranberries and spinach quite delicious.  chicken was crazy spicy for me perfect for Dan.

Day 20 breakfast

Egg white frittata with fresh fruit

Day 19 dinner

Lemon artichoke chicken over lentils

Day 19 Lunch

Asian Shrimp Lettuce Wraps with Crunchy slaw, Edamame confetti salad, Pineapple slaw and Thai dressing

Day 19 breakfast

Lean Green Smoothie.................Delicious!! 

Day 18 dinner

Sesame crusted cod with lemon wasabi bok choy purple cabbage and Edamame mash.

Day 18 Lunch

Be jeweled salad with bulgur, spinach, Mandarin oranges, raspberries, Antibiotic and hormone free chicken and walnuts.

Day 18 Breakfast

Tropical Muesli with Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Coconut and Kiwi
Eating on the run again and I didn't take this out of the container for the photo.    Looks weird tasted great!

Day 17 Dinner

Crab Cakes with Spicy Remolaude and Roasted red pepper zucchini salad

Day 17 lunch

Watermelon cucumber salad with Chicken , Arugula, feta, almonds and Balsamic dressing.

I made it to ONDERLAND

There are so many goals you set when dieting.  Short term goals, Long term goals, Calorie goals, Exercise goals. Then there's ONEDERLAND.   It's a biggie.  You see the folks on celebrate on Biggest Loser when they get there, If you google onderland your find so many entries. There are links to other peoples weight loss blogs showing their successes and their plans.  Onderland is a big deal.

So this morning when I stepped on the scale and I saw that I made it.  I'm there!  I got to ONEDERLAND!

It's very exciting and I want to celebrate my success but in my head all I can think of is...I still have more to do, Can I keep this up?, I've been here before how to I stay on track this time.  I need to get out of my head!

Day 17 Breakfast

Mango, Ginger and Strawberry Smoothie

Designed to boost your immune system AND but some pep in your step.Mango and strawberry combine to ramp your energy along with ginger to sooth your gut which serves as hosts to much of your immune system.  PLUS we always use high quality protein to preserve muscle and promote a lean body composition

Day 16 Dinner

Herbed Turkey Meatballs over Garden Vegetable Medley with Homemade Marinara & Kaniwa.
This meal provides 4 servings of vegetables. It is designed to give you just the right amount of fuel before going to bed.  Kaniwa is technically a seed, is exceptionally high in protein and iron to repair and restore your muscles.

Day 16 Lunch (Day 2 Cleanse)

Southwestern chicken lettuce Wraps with Fresh Tomato Salsa,  Lime Creme,Grilled Corn Salsa with Jicama Slaw

Day 16 breakfast

Luscious lemon oat cakes with strawberry coulis. Fantastic!!!!

Day 15 lunch

Apricot and strawberry kale salad with chicken. 

Day 15 dinner

Salmon with Bordetto and Pea puree  and cherry tomatoes with basil ,olive oil and balsamic vinegar 

Day 15 breakfast

Lemon Blueberry anti inflammatory shake.

Full of antioxidants that synergistically work together to reduce internal stress and inflammation ; the bower of the blueberries in enhanced by the lemon.

Day 15 - Cleanse Week

Today we start a 7 day cleanse menu.  it's designed to cleanse the body, curb cravings, banish bloat, improve energy reduce internal inflammation, promote weight loss and level hormones.  It's a all natural cleanse with no supplements or artificial products.  It's a low calorie cleanse 1100 to 1300 calories for women and 1300 to 1500 for men.

Day 14 Dinner

Lemon Artichoke Chicken over Barley with Broccoli

Day 14 Lunch

Pulled Pork BBQ Pita with Slaw and Skinny Ranch Potato Salad

Day 14 Lunch

Pulled Pork BBQ Pita with Slaw and Skinny Ranch Potato Salad

Day 14 Breakfast on the fun

I needed to get up early to go see Ethan get baptized and I forgot the photo.

Yummy apricot breakfast bar, Vanilla yogurt and fruit.  Yummy

Day 13 Dinner

Day 13 dinner Southwestern burger

Day 13 Lunch

Badger Game  - I did not eat the fitfresh sandwich.   I packed it up and everything and forgot it.    I made good decisions but it was HARD.

Day 10 dinner

Maple salmon,  Cooked greens,  Baked cauliflower mash. 

Day 10 Lunch

Chinese Chicken Salad with fresh cilantro and basil, mandarin oranges and red cabbage with Thai dressing

Another great long walk today! 

Day 10 Breakfast

Breakfast Pizza with Pesto, Lean Ham, Artichoke and tomato with a side of fruit.

I was hungry this morning and ate the grapes before I took the picture.   They were yummy.

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