Patricia Arquette prefers Fiskars scissors too!

Here’s the way it started, but I won’t show what happens next. It’s a bit gory, but let’s just say our Fiskars scissors are really sharp!

Guess Who Is Using Fiskars Scissors Now!

Steve Carell (aka Michael) used our spring action scissors in the new primetime episode of The Office that aired last night on NBC. That’s two weeks in a row that they have used the world’s best scissors!!

Fiskars on TV

Last night our scissors were on NBC's The Office and My Name is Earl. We have had our products featured in movies like Transformers and 27 Dresses, and on shows like Ellen, Good Morning America, Martha, and Monk to name a few.
Click the link below to see a video montage.

Workout DVD's

My collection is growing and now includes all of the above. I have been working out on an "almost" daily basis. :) almost. By far my fav is the Turbo Jam 20 min workout. It fun, fast and a great starting point for me.

Tuesdays I workout at work with a group and we pick a different DVD weekly. It's been a fun way to get introduced to some new stuff.

Tuesday's lunch

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Pasta with Pesto and Turkey Sausage
GoldFish (yummy Yummy)
2 yogurts (one I didn't end up eating, I was hungry when I packed this morning)

02-02-09 Lunch

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Today we have some Mixed greens, I added some frozen peas to keep it cold. With a Balsamic Salad Spritzer. Some cheese wedges and wheat thins and a yogurt.

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