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So I haven't really figured out what the best way will be for me to post updates and thoughts about my trip. I know I don't want it all to be on facebook but I'm sure we will be checking in whenever we can.   I have two sites that I will be trying to update.  This one my,  blogger site and my Tumblr site.  I am hoping one ends up being easier than the other and I'll stick with that one. 

See you all on the interwebs!



Anyone who has ever traveled or camped with me knows I am over prepared. Its almost obsessive. I am going thru all my packing lists over in my head. Whats in my checked bag. What’s in my carry on bag. Whats in my purse. Did i get everything. And most important on this trip do i have too much. So far i think I’ve done great. The next 17 days will be the test .
My flight is at 11 tomorrow to Atlanta then to Rome. I’ll meet Elena and Alberto there. Then mom nonno and chris arrive and they will meet us in Naples.
I feel horrible that allie is so sick. Mom guilt of leaving her home is even stronger. I know dan will take great care of her while i am gone.
Ciao for now

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