WW week 5

-1.8 YEA

It was a good week with working out and with points. The workout room at work is closed for the rest of the week so I am glad that we have the 5K scheduled for this weekend to make up for it.

Our First 5K Run/Walk

This weekend Allie and I are doing out FIRST 5K.

6th Annual Roxbury Rural Run & Kids Country Mile
Saturday, May 2, 2009

We are both very excited about it. (OK I'm excited Allie is not. She's still trying to figure out how I talked her into this.)

WW Update

Well, It was a 1 pound loss week. But it was still a LOSS. I had a lot on my mind and wasn't as focused as I should have been. This week will be better.

So far this year that's 15.5 lbs but 6.4 have been in the last 4 weeks.

Ya whooo!

I did find a great frozen dinner
Healthy Choice Asian Inspired 5 Spice Beef. YUMMY and only 6 points.
Some of you know that I dodged a bullet this week. I had a biopsy last week on a lump that I had found a couple of weeks ago. I got the news this Monday that it was benign (yea). I just want everyone to take a moment. When was your last exam? Can’t remember …. Schedule one now!

Christina and Theresa are doing the Relay for Life again this year to raise money for the American Cancer Society. If you can make a donation please do.

Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature activity. It offers everyone in a community an opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer. Teams of people camp out at a local high school, park, or fairground and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event. Relays are an overnight event, up to 24 hours in length.

Relay For Life is a life-changing event that brings together more than 3.5 million people to:

*Celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer. The strength of survivors inspires others to continue to fight.
*Remember loved ones lost to the disease. At Relay, people who have walked alongside people battling cancer can grieve and find healing.
*Fight Back. We Relay because we have been touched by cancer and desperately want to put an end to the disease.

Never Again

At five minutes and six seconds after 4 AM on the 8th of July this year, the time and date will be 04:05:06 07/08/09.

This will never happen again.

My first Weight Watchers Milestone.

5 LBS!

Yea! Ya Whoooo

Actually - 5.4 but who's counting.

Wait I AM! - 5.4 !!!

This picture is of 5 pounds of fat. ewwwww

Week 2 - Traveled to Detroit to see Dan's family. So much food so that was HARD but we had Sushi one day. It was soooooo good and LOW in Points

Week 3 - Easter weekend. More FOOD. GEEZZZZ. Brunch at Sara and Steve's rocked. But Brunch was 20 points alone. OOPS.

10 Healthiest Foods You've Never Tried

I recently saw a list of the 10 Healthiest Foods You've Never Tried. On Spark People and ABC.com

I'm not doing so good with the list. LOVE 4,8 and 10 Did 9 a while ago and I like the change. How many have you eaten?

Here's the list and a quick tip for eating each food!
1. Kiwi (just scoop it straight from the skin!)
2. Broccoli rabe (sauté with olive oil, garlic and lemon)
3. Brazil nuts (munch on a handful)
4. Edamame (steam in the pod and sprinkle with salt)
5. Red lentils (cook lentils, then substitute them for chickpeas in hummus)
6. Quinoa (use instead of brown rice)
7. Canned salmon (throw on salads or in pasta sauces)
8. Prawns (shrimp) (stir fry with vegetables and serve with brown rice)
9. Whole grain and multigrain pastas (swap these for all your white pasta)
10. Pomegranate (toss the seeds on salads or mix them with yogurt)

Special Note on Pomegranates
I love pomegranates but it seems that no one knows how to get at all the yummy goodness inside.
First, you cut the crown off. Then you lightly score the rind with a knife from top to bottom into sections. Next, you immerse the fruit into a bowl of cold water to let it soak for about five minutes. You can then pull the fruit apart underwater and push the seeds out with your fingers, allowing them to sink to the bottom of the bowl. The membranes and pulp will float to the top and can be skimmed off. Finally, pour the seeds into a strainer and rinse them with cold water, and they're ready to eat.

We are the official scissors of the NCAA Final Four Championship. The Fiskars® 9.5 Titanium scissors will be used by the winning teams in the post game net-cutting ceremonies for Divisions I, II and III men's and women's basketball championships. They feature the famous Fiskars® ergonomic orange handles and serrated, gold titanium blades, which are specially etched with the NCAA logo.

Following the championship games, each of the winning institutions will keep one pair of the commemorative scissors for permanent display on campus.

But it gets even better! Additional pairs will be autographed by the winning coaches and auctioned off on the NCAA website (
http://www.ncaa.com/), with 100% of the proceeds going to support the athletes of the Special Olympics.

We will send out the official press release as soon as we have clearance from the Special Olympics and NCAA.

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