The company I work for, Fiskars has outsourced all of its IT infrastructure which means I no longer work for Fiskars. Fortunately, I now work for Logica
It is a scary thing to come in to work working for one company and leave working for another. I am grateful that I have a job and excited about the opportunities that are coming up yet nervous all at the same time!

For now, I sit at the same desk doing the same job I just work for a new company!

"Gold's Gym Approved" Blogger Resources

The "Gold's Gym Approved" blogger program is to help the general public better navigate the web to find blogs that have the most credible, reliable and accurate health and fitness information.

The blogs below have been identified by Gold's Gym, as being one of the top health and fitness sites in the blogosphere. Each of these sites consistently score high marks for the following criteria:
  • Encourages and energizes others to be fit and manage weight healthfully
  • Promotes a lifestyle that's balanced with healthful nutrition and habitual fitness that promotes quality of life
  • Promotes the benefits of creating health and not solely the prevention of disease
Cranky Fitness
"Your Guide to Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Development, and Whining"

"Daily writings on Fitness, Diet and Health"

"Live Better. Live Longer"

She Knows
"Find out. Have fun. Be you"

Fat Burning Tips 4 Women
"Transform Your Body!"


Workout Mommy
"Never Underestimate the Power of a Workout!"

Fitness for Mommies
"Fit Mom's Blog"

Weighty Matters
"Musings of an Obesity Medicine Doc and Certifiably Cynical Realist"




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