Governor dodge state park

We had a wonderful time hiking at the park today.   We climbed some bluffs, saw some beautiful views, has a lot of fun!

Just as we were leaving a huge storm was rolling in. We got out just in time.

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Now that's a pretzel!

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IAT - Table Bluff Segment

Today we hiked the Ice Age Tail - Table Bluff Segment in Cross Plains.   It was so gorgeous out.  So happy to be out on the trail again this year.   Love it.

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Play Ball

We had a fun day at Miller Park yesterday.  It snowed, it sprinkled, it went into extra innings and we lost.

Food, drinks and great friends.  Can't ask for much more than that.

Lots more photos!

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Brandon's birthday party


Point Brewery

After a customer visit in Wausau my friend Barry showed me around his home town and was nice enough to allow me a quick stop at Point Brewery, who makes CiderBoys cider.


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Mother's day hike



I took a quick walk through the south side of the arboretum off of the beltline.   It was a beautiful afternoon.  

UW Arboretum

Wonderful hike with Dan.   I hope this a a great start to the hiking season.

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