Something that I've been asked about is what are those pictures with the stamps Joan?  They are Goshuin.  It's a way people document their pilgrimage to the various temples and shrines.  It has become a very popular way for tourists also collect a unique souvenir of their trip.     I didn't start taking pictures of the place with the stamps until Kyoto. 

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Teppanyaki Dinner

Dan and I had an amazing honeymoon dinner tonight.  On the 19th floor of our hotel is a teppanyaki restaurant. It was a beautiful sunset and the Osaka skyline was unreal.  We had some wonderful Osaka white wine and a skilled chef made us a great dinner right in front of us.  They even brought us a surprise dessert to celebrate.  It even had a sparkler!! 


Nara, Todaji Temple and the Deer

Today was our adventure in Nara. At Todaji temple we visited one of the large Buddha statues. It was so beautiful.

The deer 🦌 are another huge draw to Nara. They bow. Not kidding. You'll see in the videos.



Our hotel for the next few days.   What an amazing check-in process.  They take out of country visitors to a separate floor for check-in.  They have drinks, video games and dressed me up in a yukata.   Osaka is off to a great start.
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Our last night is Kyoto was so great!!    This city was magical.    New adventures start tomorrow.

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