Where have you been???

August,  Really I haven't posted anything since August.  Wow.

  • AJ started College.  She's at Madison College in the Old Famous Footwear building. She's doing general studies right now but wants to move on to nursing soon!
  • Allie is in her junior year at Memorial.  She's still taking medical classes at Madison College moving towards her goal of a pharmacology degree. She has decided to join the gymnastics team this year!
  • Dan's loving his new job and I'm still at Logica/Fiskars.
  • Uncle Bill got married to the beautiful Teri.
  • Went on a GREAT girls trip to Boston. Bridget and Rob got married- So Awesome! 
  • Had a great birthday!

Looking forward to a full house for Thanksgiving with Dan's parents coming to town.  

Well that's all for now.  I'll get back into updating more!

Water in my basement!

Its been raining so dang much. I really love spending the summer hanging outside in Madison but this year if its not raining its hotter than hell or the mosquitos are so bad that you cant spend any time outside at all. now for the second time this summer i have water in my basements UGH

Allie started her clinicals today!    Check out those scrubs!

Allie at work

AJ's graduation

What a proud day!  AJ graduates from High School.  Off to Madison College!

The gang of the graduated!

Did you know that I am in love

3 years ago 6/21/07 Dan and I started dating. I can honestly tell you I've never been happier.


Join a CSA!

CSA is a unique social and economic arrangement between local households and farmers who work together to share the responsibility of producing and delivering fresh food. Households support the farm by paying an annual fee in the winter or spring that entitles them to a "share" of the season's harvest. Once harvesting begins, members pick-up a weekly box of fresh foods which may include produce, fruits, cheeses, eggs, meats, poultry, flowers, herbs or preserves. Pick-up sites are often located at a member's house or at the farm. Most farms create a newsletter that accompanies each delivery with notes about farm activities, descriptions of what’s in the delivery, cooking tips and recipes. Many farms also create opportunities for their members and families to visit the farm and participate in farm events. The typical CSA season in Wisconsin runs from the end of May through mid-October. Farms offer a diversity of share options including extended season shares, multiple share types and sizes, and special funds and payment plans to accommodate households on a tight budget. CSA farmers use sustainable and organic methods to produce high quality to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment.

Benefits of Community Supported Agriculture

CSA members, farmers, and local communities all benefit from this arrangement. CSA's

• provide households with fresh foods picked at the peak of ripeness and nutritional value

• guarantee the farmer will have the income to cover the costs of growing food

• provide opportunities for families to learn where food comes from by participating farm

• ensure the viability of local, environmentally sustainable family farms

• create a stronger local economy by keeping local dollars circulating in the community

• protect the environment through stewardship of the land

• preserve economically viable, working open spaces

• build connections between urban and rural communities

How does Community Supported Agriculture work?

A CSA member purchases a "share" of each season's produce. One share is generally enough to feed a household of four or more. Half or partial shares are often available as well. The food is distributed weekly through centrally located drop-off points or through farm pick-up. The cost of a share varies from farm to farm. In general, food received is more economical or comparable in cost to local organic produce found at farmers' markets and retail stores.

Where have you been?

I have not posted anything since November. That is sad. Let me look at my calendar and see what happened


Still working hard at Golds. Having a personal trainer is fun, it’s motivational and it’s fracking hard!

Thanksgiving was great. We (Uncle Chris, Aj, Allie and Holly) went to Steve and Sarah’s house. Lots of good yummy food and all the kids were so funny. Dan went to Detroit to see his fam. My mom had everyone up at her house. Kind of wish I could be in three places at once. Guess not!

Uncle Chris visits. Chris made his annual pilgrimage to hunt bambi. He stayed with us for two weeks. You would think TWO weeks with Chris but no we hardly see him during his visit. Dad picks him up pre dawn and they are off. He won’t leave empty handed this year. I will be shipping him home a nice cooler full of tasty deer!

Dad gets sick. He presented with appendicitis and while doing the CAT scan to confirm the appendicitis they discovered he has an abdominal aortic aneurysm that is huge (normal is 3cm his is 10cm). During the appendectomy, they found two more aneurysms. We were told many times that he is very lucky to be alive and that his appendix saved his life.

These aneurysms are the 13th leading cause of death in the US. Mostly because there are no symptoms to them and when they burst, you are gone in minutes. He had a second surgery to repair the aneurysms. It all went well but was a difficult surgery. Dr DeAngles said that with the condition of the aneurysm Dad wouldn’t have made it past January. Fricking scary that he was been living like that and not knowing it. He was hunting and golfing the week before!  We are very lucky! Like lottery winning lucky!


Golds = Ditto. Still 4 nights a week and one weekend day. But getting frustrated!

Dad’s still recovering. Doing much better. A couple of weeks and he should be back to his old self if not better!

Christmas was a blast. We went to PawPaw to celebrate it with the McNeils. What Fun! The kids had a blast. We even got to hit the mall up in Kalamazoo which they loved as they had Christmas money burning a hole in their pockets. I also got to experience my first PawPaw pub crawl. Dan’s friends from elementary, middle and high school all get together around Christmas time and go drinking! What fun.


New Year’s at the Consolatti’s. Playing games and having a great time. Man sometimes those fools make me laugh so hard!

Work is still strange. The dust is still settling after Fiskars outsourced the infrastructure and I became a Logica employee.

Kent’s a daddy! Kent and Gail welcomed Owen into our circle. It will be great to have some new babies around!

Gold’s My 12 week challenge is done and we are still waiting for the results. I guess I don’t care if I win because it was totally worth me competing but I won’t complain if we do. However, I have my own. In 2009 I lost 41 lbs. 15 inches from my waist. 12 from my hips, 8 from my thighs, 8 from my chest and I dropped my body fat by 12.5%. I am still going to Gold’s 3 times a week. I just started the Aqua Boot camp. Lots of fun, easy on the knees!

Facebook & High school the past couple of weeks have been interesting in facebook, as I have been connecting with High School friends. Some of the photos being posted are so funny! It’s just nice to see everyone again.

WOW. That’s was a lot to say.

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