I made it to ONDERLAND

There are so many goals you set when dieting.  Short term goals, Long term goals, Calorie goals, Exercise goals. Then there's ONEDERLAND.   It's a biggie.  You see the folks on celebrate on Biggest Loser when they get there, If you google onderland your find so many entries. There are links to other peoples weight loss blogs showing their successes and their plans.  Onderland is a big deal.


So this morning when I stepped on the scale and I saw that I made it.  I'm there!  I got to ONEDERLAND!

It's very exciting and I want to celebrate my success but in my head all I can think of is...I still have more to do, Can I keep this up?, I've been here before how to I stay on track this time.  I need to get out of my head!

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