Trip to Paw Paw and Detroit

This weekend Dan and I ventured to Michigan to attend a memorial service for his Grandpa, Stan, who passed away recently. I had the privilege to meet him at his birthday party this year. I heard so many great stories this weekend. He was an amazing guy that lived an incredible life. The marvelous legacy he left behind is so apparent in his family. Now this is a fabulous group of people that I find myself fortunate enough to have fallen in love with not only one of them but all of them.

After a wonderful memorial service and luncheon in Chelsea, MI., Dan and I headed to Detroit. Our first stop was Uncle Jim and Aunt Joann's. They have a great home full of fantastic character (and some characters live there too.) I kept pointing things out to Dan, I love that light fixture, I want this tile, and can we paint like this at our place?. We relaxed and thanks to Shelley we ate pie! (Thank you Shelly...I love pie!)

We headed to Uncle Bill's home. He lives in a breathtaking home on a lake. There was a neighborhood firework show for that evening. The place was full of friends and family, great weather and great food, and a gorgeous sunset and a fun fireworks show. I've never been so close to fireworks being set off. It was also Dan's cousin Tom's 21st birthday so at midnight we headed off to The Lodge to enjoy a few "legal" shots with him.

The next morning we headed back towards Wisconsin, Stopping in Paw Paw to have lunch with John and Margaret. The backyard is a thing of beauty right now. Everything is in bloom. The fire pit area is so nice. The flowers on the deck are beautiful and her herbs are huge!

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