A Midsummer Night's Dream

Last night the gang went to "The Theater in the Woods" American Players Theater, in Spring Green, WI. If you've never been it's wonderful. They put on 5 plays during the season. Christina and Lary go to all 5. Stina had the great idea of getting everyone together for one. Jesse, Amy, Kent, Theresa, Shane, Dan and myself joined them for a great show.

It was a beautiful night, not too hot, just cool enough. The bugs left us alone for the most part. And the cast gave us a unforgettable experience. It was so well done. I just can't do it justice talking about it. You should go see it!

I can't wait to go back. (hint hint Dan See schedule 9/13 or 9/14 looks great)

I got this from their website to explain A midsummer Night's Dream.
By William Shakespeare
Directed by William Brown
This play so perfectly embodies the quintessential APT experience, a splendid match with our natural setting. Upon a silken summer’s eve, four young lovers escape to the woods and stumble into the middle of a feud between the King and Queen of Fairies. The King calls upon his strange sidekick Puck to unleash the wily, willful ways upon that Fair Fairy Lady and those unsuspecting mortals. Shakespeare’s most popular comedy is a celebration of the wonders of love. And those secret places in the heart where the magic lives.

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