The 4th Of July Weekend!

Allie and I ( James too) celebrated the 4th of July at the Larson's House and had a great time. Dan had to work but he joined us later. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone. Man was there a lot of food! (see the pictures on flickr)

AJ went to SummerFest with Shelby and her mom to see a few bands.... Less than Jake and GoldFinger. The rest of the weekend they are going to Chicago on their annual end of the year trip. She sent me a picture from the Shed and visited IKEA. {jealous}

The party continued on the 5th at the Larson's. Allie, James, Dan and I joined, Joe and Jason, Jesse, Amy and Cade, Brandon and Gabe, Danielle, Bridget, Kent and of course Christina and Lary for another day of swimming, eating and drinking. There are some more funny pictures and even some funny video of Jesse trying to conqueror a beach ball.

I believe the Beach Ball WON!


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