Christina and I went to do some volunteer work for a very deserving family here in South Central Wisconsin. We had to be there @ 6:30 in the morning and for anyone who knows Stina I was doubtful. Sure enough she called me at 5:00 and said she was on her way.

We got to the shuttle site filled out out release forms and got our blue shirts. Then we waited and waited with hundreds of other volunteers to get on the bus. When we got there we spent the morning doing the "braveheart march" a couple of times to get the footage they needed and then the demolotion. Which was fun to watch. I really didn't feel like I got to do anything so I hope to get back this weekend.

I'm sure you've figured out the show from the pictures but offically I don't think I'm allowed to say. For more information you can go to to meet the family or make a donation.

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