Green Lake 08

"How many people are coming for dinner?"


"Can we fit 27?"

"Ya 27..."

"Who invited all of them?"

Let's see if I get this in one shot.
George, Virginia, Christine, Scott, Quinlan, Mark, Alex, Angela, Joan, Dan, AJ, Allie, Chris, Barb, Jack, Cathy, Jim, Kate, Olivia, Jeanie, Cindy, DiDi, Phil, Stella, George, Travis, Stella C......

We all gathered in Green Lake WI. Guests of Jim and Cathy & Cindy & Jeanie. I don't know how they did it but we all had a place to sleep. It was such fun. I was so happy to see everyone and topping the list was seeing my Grandpa who I haven't see in a long time and my newest cousin who is only 7 weeks old.

The girls headed up on Wed after I was done with work and Dan met us on Friday night. It was a fun filled weekend of Family and Friends, Boating and Swimming, Eating and Drinking, and Karaoke and Guitar Hero too.

I home again ....... back at work ........ and I already miss everyone. But it's my last week working at Famous Footwear so I am busy getting all my projects put to bed, cleaning out my desk after 10 years is like a project in it's self. I can't imagine what it's going to be like next Monday being at Fiskars! Yes I can. It's gonna ROCK!

You can see all the Photos on Flickr

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