Sewing Project Class 2

I found what I am hoping is the perfect project.  The Bionic Gear Bag .  Everyone knows I love bags, Lunch bags, Packing cubes, Purses, Backpacks.  I love them all.  I think this bag will be great.   But immediately i decided I wanted 2, one for traveling and another for electronics.   Go big or go home, Right?

One of the reasons I close it is that it looks challenging for a beginner and with the help of this class I think I can accomplish it.  There are a lot of zippers!

Christina and I spent 3 hours at the fabric store picking our fabric choices.  That was harder than I thought it would be!

My plan is to focus on one bag in class and do a second at home on my own.   We will see how that goes!

Progress in class.   All cuts made for bag number 1. 

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