Sewing project 2a

I spent two nights this week getting everything going for the project.  I finished cutting the second bag out.  It was much easier this time. Bonus was being at home in my own space with the music going.

Looking forward to class tomorrow.
My Craft room.  I am very grateful to have a space to work.  I moved all the scrapbooking gear to the side and cut out the second bag.  I really am feeling good about this project.

This is the only actual "pattern: in the project.  The rest is standard square or rectangle cuts .    I have a new appreciation for my Fiskars tools! 

The next day I got everything ironed and confirmed I had everything.  Then I cut out all the interfacing and ironed that to the required pieces.   Interfacing gives the fabric a bit of body and stiffness but not too much.
Here is bag 1 
Here is bag 2

This is the fabric with the interfacing added on.   

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