Team Gold!

This week I am starting a 12 week Biggest Loser Challenge at Golds Gym.  We will be competing with 3 other teams. Each week, at the end of the second session trainers will asses participant progress with a body fat analysis, weigh in, and body measurements. Prizes will be awarded to the three challenge contestants who lose the most body fat – this will be determined by assessing beginning and final body fat compositions and analyzing the percentage of fat mass loss.

I am on Team Gold along with two other teammates. Our trainer (Mike for Team Gold) will create specific exercise and nutritional programs, and provide exercise and nutritional counseling. As a team, we will receive 24 personal training sessions with Mike one of Gold’s elite trainers, nutritional guidance, and a complimentary, all-inclusive 3-month membership to Gold’s Gym.

You can check out the gym at Golds Gym Fitchburg

I'm excited about the whole process.   Here's hoping I'm a big loser!

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