Portland Trip

I'm in Portland for work this week. I've never been here before. It is beautiful. Teri (my boss) took me on a little sight seeing on Sunday when we got here. We went up a very scenic drive up to a place called Vista House Even though it was a bit overcast and drizzling it was wonderful.

We then drove up to Multnomah falls. It truly was breathtaking. The drizzle had turned to rain so we didn't hike up but non the less spectacular.

Monday and Today I worked at the office of Gerber Legendary Blades. What a cool place. Everyone is so nice and it was great for me to get an inside view of what they do and how I will be supporting them. I even got a tour of the plant. WOW The tour was totally cool. They actually make the blades here. Cutting, grinding and assembly. I felt like i was in a live episode of How it's Made.

The super people at Gerber even gave me some great goodies to being home!

Last night Teri, Fran and I went to a fabulous dinner and even when shopping ( at a Famous store even!)

This afternoon I am headed up to Tacoma for an overnight visit! I'll post more and photos later!

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